Consulting & Training

I advise and support executives, organizations, and businesses and offer seminars, workshops, trainings and lectures in the following areas:

Democracy, political culture, protection of democracy, and militant democracy.

Intercultural competence, sensitivity and communication

Social integration, political and social participation

Extremism and right-wing populism

Migration policy

Social policy

Intercultural Trainings and Couching

I spent half of my life in Colombia, South America, the other half in Germany. In addition to many years of personal intercultural experiences, I have acquired the technical skills necessary to develop and implement intercultural trainings as well as workshops and seminars in intercultural decision-making as part of my training to become a certified intercultural coach.

Whether to enhance the appeal of employers for employees from abroad, to optimize relationships, to implement projects based on international cooperation abroad, or to act competently in intercultural everyday life situations, intercultural competence has proven to be an indispensable key qualification.

Through my activity-oriented, intercultural trainings, intercultural skills can be learned, developed, and practiced based on stimulating and brain-friendly methods. 

Based on the latest findings in neuroscience, I create high-quality, practical, experiential, stimulating, demand-oriented, and goal-oriented learning opportunities.

I offer intercultural coaching as well as language coaching and targeted support for for business travel in Latin America (Hispanic America).

In my work, I put special emphasis on

your needs and interests – which are central to the learning process

a variety of methods to improve your learning potential

an effective and sustainable learning through respectful, appreciative, and transparent exchanges.